Purple Menace

The Purple Menace is a high-powered drone capable of dynamic freestyling and high speeds, made to carry a GoPro action camera.

Melon Moblie

The Melon Mobile is a uniquely flat drone, made for totally uninterrupted 360 video, capable of even flying and steady shots.

Cine Mini

The Cine Mini is a cinewhoop style drone perfect for small spaces. This smooth and stable quad has on-board 4K recording without the need for a GoPro.

HD Bug

The HD Bug is a micro drone made for flitting around tiny spaces recording HD video. This surprisingly steady micro quad is especially agile and capable of getting the shots none other can.

The Racer

The last member of the drone fleet is not a smooth cinema drone or a speedy freestyler, but a micro quad built to race. She is fast for her size and can take a beating and get back up with no problem. She is the go-to drone for practicing to keep those FPV skills sharp and have a good time.

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